Virus is so dangerous, does the Indian government not have oxygen?  covid 19 news in india

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 Why is this new infectious deadly?  This is not the main reason for the death of new infectious people, but the lack of treatment or lack of oxygen.  Due to the manner in which the situation is completely uncontrolled, it seems that the governments were not ready for this.

 The situation in Uttar Pradesh is very worrying.  Many people have lost their lives due to lack of oxygen in Lucknow. 4 people died due to lack of oxygen in Kannauj.  In Aligarh too, 5 people died due to lack of oxygen, about 20 patients died in a hospital in Bhopal in 2 days.  There is an outcry over oxygen in hospitals in Gujarat, 24 people died in Nashik due to the explosion of oxygen plant, 25 people died due to lack of oxygen in a hospital in Delhi, bringing a cylinder of oxygen to admit patients in Patna.  Family members required.

 All the states and hospitals are fighting over oxygen, and people are being told that there will be a cylinder of oxygen only when admissions will be given.  For this, there has been a huge crowd of people and family in the oxygen plant and people have started to fear the lack of oxygen cylinders.  With this, they have started keeping oxygen cylinders in their homes.  Yogi Adityanath's government's order comes only yesterday, that there will be no personal storage, cylinders will be provided directly to hospitals, due to this, some people who will have liquidity, will not be able to get it either.

 If there is such a shortage of oxygen, then why is the government not ensuring medical oxygen?

 The Allahabad High Court had a few days ago called on the Uttar Pradesh government to make arrangements for lockdown and hospital reform, with a sharp rebuke.

 Yesterday, while hearing the emergency on behalf of the Max Hospital, the Delhi High Court reprimanded the Central Government and said that under any circumstances begging, steal it, arrange anything and ensure the supply of oxygen to the patients at all the hospitals.

 The court further said - Surprised that you are not aware of the reality of ground reality.  This is the National Emergency.  Thousands of people are dying in the country.  Your priority is not to run steel, petroleum plants, but to save human life.

 The High Court reprimanded the Central Government and said that why you have no idea of ​​demand and supply?  The center should construct a dedicated corridor on the road to send oxygen to hospitals as soon as possible and airlift oxygen if possible.

 The High Court said that what should we order more than this.  People cannot be left to die like this.  This is a very serious issue, people's life is their fundamental right, what are you doing to save their lives?

 This case was going on that a case of taking cognizance from the Supreme Court itself.  But the Delhi High Court and Bombay High Court decided to conduct an automatic hearing only after refusing to delay the matter before the Supreme Court.

 Simultaneously 10,000 new cases have come to West Bengal and our Home Minister is holding a rally on the rally, while the Left Party, Congress and TMC have all stopped the rally.

 Kolkata High Court has also reprimanded the Election Commission today, saying that the rules of Kovid-19 are not being followed and neither are they trying to implement them.

 Some ideas that have been suggested -

 1. 162 oxygen under-construction plants which have been hanging since October 2020 were to be constructed at district hospitals in India and elsewhere to be built on a war footing.

 2. To ensure industrial oxygen for hospitals and patients immediately.

 3. The public, who is spending 10,000 to ₹ 30000 for each cylinder, why not all the people together collect money and set up an oxygen plant at different places because when the government has to fight the elections itself, the people help themselves  We have to understand the humanity, we have got a little from the public.

 4. Filing of PIL in the High Court, and making known to the Government its constitutional and humanitarian responsibilities, using the media that the accountability of the Government should be fixed.


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