Rss Feed |Rss Feed Amarujala|Rss Feed  अमर उजाला|Rss Feed Sarkri result

Rss Feed |Rss Feed Amarujala|Rss Feed  अमर उजाला|Rss Feed Sarkri result

Hello and welcome to FEEDZY RSS Feed Lite.

In this video, I will show you how to get

started with this plugin and how to display

feeds into your blog posts, pages and on your

sidebar as well.


Let's get started!

First, you have to log in to your WordPress

dashboard and then click on Add New under Plugins.

Here, search for FEEDZY and install the FEEDZY

RSS Feeds Lite plugin.

Once the installation occurs, make sure you

activate it and then move to the next step.

FEEDZY allows you to group all your feeds

into a category and then fetch them at once.

To create a new category, go to Feed Categories

under FEEDZY RSS and click on Add New.

From there you can put all your feed URLs

in the Category Feeds text area,

separated by commas, like so.

Name your category and then click on Publish

You can now copy the slug and use it as a


More about that in the next step, so keep


To do that, click on Add New under Posts and then click on this "FEEDZY Lite" button above the editor.

Remember the "parameter" mentioned earlier?

You can use that parameter here instead of the full URL if you want to display elements

from all those feeds together.

If not, just type in the single URL of the

feed you want to use.

You can use more than one URL as well, just

make sure you separate them with a comma.

Before moving to the next step, I encourage

you to check if the feed works.

You can do that with a web-based tool provided

by W3C, link in the description.

You will get the confirmation if the feed

is valid right after clicking the "check" button.

Once you are sure everything works well, you

can go back to the dashboard and continue

with the fields and settings below.

Choose how many items you want to display,

let's say we want to see 7 items in this post,

Yes or No for the RSS title and then how long

you want the plugin to cache the feed results.

Next, select the sorting order of the date

and title and then move down to the Item Options.

Here, you can set the behavior of the links

on click from automatic to blank, self, parent,

top or even "framename".

If you choose "_blank", for example, the link

will open in a new tab, like so, and "_self"

will open the link in the same tab and so


In this field, you can trim the title of the

feed to show only 50 characters, for example,

then you can choose if you want to display

the date of publication, the author name and

abstract description of the retrieved item.

I will leave both options as they are by default.

Will see how it looks immediately, so keep


Crop the description if you want it to 140

characters or less.

This can be helpful if you have more than

5 items on the same page.

What we need to do next is to move to the

Item Image Options because these fields here

are active only for premium users.

More on those functionalities in a future

video so make sure you subscribe to our channel.

Here, you can set the image display as Auto,

Yes, or No.

I choose "yes " and I will set a "default

image" as well.

You can do that either by using the URL of

the image or simply by selecting it from the gallery.

Finally, you need to set the thumbnail dimension

in pixels using numbers only and then you

can click on "Insert Shortcode" below.

Now, it's time to see how it looks live.

To do that, click on "Preview" here.

It looks awesome, right?

Not really.

What if you don't like what you see?

Don't worry, you can change the look of the

feed right through its shortcode.

Here s what you need to do.

Let's say you want the default image to be

horizontally aligned to the text, ok?

To do that you need to make the image smaller.

Change this value in the shortcode from 150

to 100 and then save the changes.

If you preview the post now, you can see that

the image looks much better near the text.

Furthermore, If you want to get rid of the

publishing date or other details and you want

to have clear elements which will display

only the title and summary, change these parameters

in the shortcode, publish the changes and

you are done.

To do that, go to Appearance then click on


Here, click, hold and drag the FEEDZY RSS

Feeds widget into the sidebar area.

Open the widget and start by filling up the

fields below.

Widget title, intro text and then type in

the Feed Source here.

Set the number of items to display, 7 in this

case and then choose for how long you want

the feed results to be cached.

Set the Sorting Order in the drop-down below

and then move down to the Item Options.

Here, I recommend choosing the following options.

"_blank" to open the link in a new tab, trim

the title of the item after 50 characters,

set "no" for both date/author and description.

You can keep the same settings as you do in

the posts but

remember that the sidebar area is much smaller.

So, it can be helpful to set these values

to match the size of your sidebar.

Now, if you want to display a custom image

near each element of the feed you need to

copy the link of that image and paste it in

this field.

To do that, go to media and click on library.

Click the image you want to use and copy its

URL, like so.

Make sure the entire link is copied, so click

here and then type Ctrl + A on your keyboard

to select the entire content.

Now, right click and copy that link to your


Go back to Widgets and paste the link in the

"Default Thumbnail URL" field, like so.

Now, if we set the image size to 100 pixels

here, it will look like this?

It is too big for sure so I will lower the

value to 30 pixels.

Let's see how it looks after we save the changes.

Better, right?

What if we trim the title to 25 characters?

Let's do it and see how it looks.

This is how a Feedzy RSS feed widget should

look like on your sidebar.

Sure, you can display the date of publication,

author name, and description if you want it,

but I think it will be too much for this small

area on your website.

I think we are done!

Is there anything I missed about FEEDZY and

you want me to show you?

Do you have questions about this WordPress


Leave your comments below and I will do my

best to answer it.

See you in the next video.


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